Fronte Parte - is a designer knitwear atelier creating bespoke, handmade garments. Translated from Latin, Fronte Parte stands for “the right side of fabric.” Daria Shinshina, the atelier’s founder, attributes a symbolic meaning to this name. It represents both the knit stitch, the foundation for Daria’s creations, as well as the right side of the fabric as canvas for a future masterpiece.


Fronte Parte is not available in retail. There is a small selection of ready-made garments, either entirely handmade or woven by a machine but completed by hand, online. To place an order for a bespoke piece please contact the Fronte Parte atelier.

Fronte Parte seeks the true meaning of the concept of luxury. No object is luxurious if the artisanship and labour of its creator are absent. One glance and one touch are all it takes to recognise Fronte Parte pieces as unique and truly luxurious.